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Jewelry Care Guide

Please treat Olympia & Co. pieces with the love and care as we do to provide them. Although the pieces are stainless steel 18K gold plated, plating can wear naturally over time. Thus here are some kind suggestions on how to adequately take care of your jewelry pieces and make sure they last.

  •  Although waterproof, less water = more lifetime

  •  Avoid chemicals like perfumes and harsh soaps to prevent abrasion to plating

  •  Clean jewelry regularly with a soft dry cloth

  • Store jewelry in original box/pouch they arrive in 

If your jewelry is starting to turn color it may be due to each person's skin oils different reaction to metals and plating. We are not responsible for this. With time pieces may turn and can't be reversed, but to decrease the chances of this happening we strongly encourage to follow our care guide.  

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